March 6, 1932 - Feb. 4, 2005



A few months back I asked for everyone's prayers for my friend Ross Hall. He fought a hard battle but finally gave in yesterday morning. He was one on the greatest lovers of PSG and my biggest fan. More imprtant he was a great human being who gave this ole bar slinger a great gift of friendship. He lived the last few years of his life with half a heart.(physicly) Because of this his attitude was one of "Live for today" He enjoyed life to it's fullest as long as he could. "live for today" he always said. That is exactly what he did. He told his wife Thursday,"I'm going to go see Scotty play one more time" He didn't make it. Monday I will play for him one more time but I am sure everytime I strike a string he;ll be there saying "play stardust or mood indigo" I loved him very much and we'll miss him. Fly High Ross man!!!! I gotta get down to Siloam Springs now and for today. God Bless you all.

Scotty Henderson




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