1940 - 2005

James " Big Jim " Murphy & Redd Volkaert

I had a real friend from the first day I met Jim Murphy. I don't think he ever met a stanger. We played in several situations, and I was fortunate enough to be band leader in a couple of them, so I got to hire the players for some of the bands as well, alway's trying to get the best for the gig, and Murph was ALWAYS my first choice. Cause he could adapt to any situation.

He was always upbeat, eager to learn new music, and hotrod old music as well. He was without a doubt the best musician I have ever had the pleasure of working with and learning from. A gifted prankster, and story teller, yet always offering a helping hand to whoever needed it, musicians, friends, or not.

I will miss him, sadly & selfishly.

Redd Volkaert


Many thanks to Redd Volkaert for granting permission to post this clip of Jim's Steel solo on Redd's " The Buck Stops Here" from Telewacker..

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