Dale's Truck


I first met Dale in 1976 at the Boulevard in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was courting a young blond by name of Sharon Mitchell. Dale was instrumental in getting she and I introduced amd Sharon & I have been married since December of '75'. I lost contact with Dale for a number of years until
I started the Truckin' Bozo Show in 1984 on WLW-Cincinnati.
Dale would call me every few weeks (sometimes more often) &
it was always a joy to talk to him on the radio as he would
talk of the two loves in his life, Diane & Steel Guitar. There will always be a warm spot in my heart for Mr. Dale Wagner, a steelman like no other, a benefit to my long lived
radio show, but most of all.....A real friend. God be with you and lend you support in the coming days, Diane, but I know that Dale is already with God and in recent years God has called home a group of great musicians to join his heavenly band and now he has a Steelman that can play like no other. Our loss is Heaven's Gain.
Dale & Sharon Sommers


Dear Diane:
I assume this is your e-mail address. I am so saddened to hear of
passing and it is with great sympathy in my heart that I send this
message to you and pray that God will give you support and strength in
the days ahead. As I wrote on Dale's memorial web-site, he was a real
friend and he and I had been talking back &
forth on the airwaves since I had gone to WLW in 1984. I last talked to
him in April, just a few days before
I left WLW and went on disability due to health reasons. Over the
God only knows how many stories
he an I shared with my nationwide audience about they days when we had
met at the Boulevard, "pretty
Miss Diane who had swept him off his feet" and how he and Bobby Mackey
were instrumental in getting
Sharon (Lumpy) and I together. We will be married 29 years in December.
Our phone number is 352-746-1572 and we now live in Crystal River,
Florida, so please give us a call when you feel up to it and
we will renew old acquaintances. Bill Culbertson gave me your home
number but I am reluctant to call you at
this time because I would probably upset you more than you already are,
as I seem to grow more and more
emotional with each passing day and today is the 20th anniversary of
passing of my father (Dale called me
that night also) and I'm just too emotional right now.

God Bless

Dale & Sharon Sommers